The Debit Cart Envelope Budget - 25 Envelopes In 1 Debit Card

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Get Control of Your Envelope Budget Once and For All!

When I started using Dave Ramsey's envelope budgeting method, I was thrilled! For once in my life, I was actually sticking to my budget.

Except for 1 thing... dealing with physical money in envelopes can be REALLY cumbersome!

Fistfuls of change, constantly reimbursing envelopes, breaking bills... ugh!

Enter The Debit Card Envelope Budget

After a couple years of attempting the Dave Ramsey envelope system on and off, I found a system that eliminated all of the headaches and hassle that come along with the envelope budget. My wife and I have used this system since June of 2014, and LOVED it.

This little-known hack of the Capital One 360 banking system allows you to run an envelope budget, using only your debit card and a smart phone!

In less than 15 minutes, you can be up and running with your new digital "envelope budget", and never touch a piece of paper again. 

No longer will you need to: 

  • Lug around fistfuls of change after your first purchase with bills
  • Reimburse yourself after you buy something online

  • Carry around multiple envelopes to make sure you spend out of the correct category
  • Buy a pack a gum just so you can break a large bill into more convenient denominations

In short--The EXACT same rigorous control of Dave Ramsey's original concept, coupled with digital convenience. 

This Course Includes:

  • The Complete 30-page guide to building and running your Debit Card Envelope Budget 
  • Step by step instructions on designating spending categories, connecting your budget with external accounts, instant person to person transfers, and more.
  • (4) bonus video tutorials, that show you transactions in real time and give you my own personal tips.
  • Plus advanced recommendations for using the budget with 2 people, setting up your budget to work with automatic bill pays, integrating with Google Docs, and more!

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to carefully set up a budget, and then have it derailed by the administrative clunkiness of moving money around, bill due dates, etc.

I've found something that's truly helped me control my budget, and I created this course to help you do the same.

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The Debit Cart Envelope Budget - 25 Envelopes In 1 Debit Card

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